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21 Doors

21 Doors - A Gathering of Courtyard Homes.
One of them may be just right for you.

In the heart of Gastown, in Vancouver’s most diverse and passionate community, across from “Nelson the Seagull” Café, kitty corner to Pigeon Park, near the Centre A Gallery and the new “Bitter” lounge and just up the greenway from Gassy Jack and the l’Abattoir Restaurant, an intimate community of courtyard homes is emerging on historic Carrall Street.

Born of the neighbourhood, developed by The Salient Group, and designed by Craig Taylor and Donna Kurtz of TKAD, 21 Doors is styled for efficient urban living.

In a town dominated by cookie-cutter condos and stratospheric pricing, 21 Doors brings down the cost and raises the bar on character.

Come see for yourself.

One of these doors may be just right for you.

21 Doors Gastown

From $209,900
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