About the Salient Group

It's what villages have been like for hundreds of years. But with the invention of the automobile, we drove further and further to our homes in the suburbs and left our urban communities behind. Now, with commuter times, increasing fuel costs, pollution and global warming, the need is greater than ever to embrace this concept of urbanism - the reinvention of healthy, village-like urban communities.

Every community has a reason for being - both where and how it is. Often though, the connection to, and understanding of, its origins are lost over time. Uncovering

these forgotten values and latent potential within a place is what we do. That adds to the existing fabric of an area in real and meaningful ways. It is the re-imagining of the overlooked. And in that reinvention we find new energy that helps to make our communities more vibrant... and more livable.

But building on the strengths of the past also means adding to those strengths with good design and planning. We believe that good architecture is like art and it enhances our living experience. After all, buildings are the most noticeable of what we leave behind, and are the hallmarks of any civilization.

It's why we love where we come from and the buildings that remain. Yet to us, historic environments and modernism are not mutually exclusive concepts. We do our best to marry excellence from the past with the best design of today. It is our commitment to the future. And in the process, we are creating some of the most interesting spaces available today. There are easier ways to build. But, there are few as satisfying. And for us, there aren't any as salient.