The Alhambra Building The Alhambra Building - Water Street, Gastown
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The Alhambra building is one of Vancouver's oldest and most precious heritage buildings. It is located on Maple Tree Square in Gastown, at the intersection of the Water, Powell, Alexander, and Carrall Streets; Vancouver's original downtown. The Alhambra was constructed immediately following Vancouver's "great fire" in 1886. When completed in 1887, it was heralded as Vancouver's most modern hotel, with running water and a woodstove in most rooms. In its 120-year history, the buildings of the Alhambra complex have acted as a hotel, Vancouver's first courthouse and jail, a stable, restaurants, offices, and movie locations.

The Alhambra Building complex is comprised of 3 buildings that work together housing brick and timber retail, office, and restaurant space. Retail/restaurant space occupies the main floor, with office on the second, to be accessed through a glass elevator core in the courtyard.

Salient is undertaking an extensive renovation to rehabilitate the historic structure, facade and windows. All building systems will be replaced. Modern architectural elements will replace 1970's era interventions. The newly renovated Alhambra building will connect with Gaoler's Mews Courtyard of the Garage project to the west, ultimately creating a circuit linking pedestrians through the courtyard to Water and Carrall Streets.

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