Terminus Terminus - Water Steet, Gastown
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The rejuvenation of Water Street isn't just a dream. It's a tangible reality with stores like InForm, Koolhaus, John Fluevog, and Modern Kid - a hip new kids' store. And, Blood Alley is showing signs of real change with Salt - from the same folks who brought The Irish Heather and The Salty Tongue to this historic community. The retail/commercial opportunities within the terminus continue to

expand opportunities to service an increasing, hip urban population that is migrating to the area. As modern residential density increases so will the need for retail and commercial infrastructure. These retail and commercial spaces are the first in a phased 150,000 square foot redevelopment that will help to change the face of Vancouver’s original neighbourhood.

Sold Out
  • Located at 36 Water Street, the commercial opportunity within the Terminus is the first part of a phased 150,000 sq ft redevelopment along Water Street including Blood Alley.
  • 4 retail/commercial spaces - 3 on Water street and 1 on blood alley.
  • 14' ceiling heights
  • Crisp new concrete interiors with floor to ceiling glass windows fronted by a fully restored heritage façade.
  • Gastown's best block that includes InForm Interiors, Richard Kidd, Spirit Wrestler Gallery.
  • Compelling retail frontage in Vancouver's next landmark building.
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